Guinness World Records are excited to announce an international Guitar Hero Relay Marathon record attempt on 6th February between the UK, France, US, Canada, South Africa and Australia to celebrate the launch of the inaugural Guinness World Record: Gamer’s Edition 2008.

All budding Guitar Heroes are welcome to come and take part in the historic record attempt – dressed as their favourite rock star or Guitar Hero player! The UK leg will take place at HMV, Oxford Street, London at 6pm kicked off by XX untill passing on to New York at 8pm.

Players will rock in pairs to one song before passing on to the next Guitar Hero, with just 15 seconds changeover between jams! Paris will kick off proceedings followed by the London, New York, Toronto, LA and Sydney. Players will also be given the chance to form a group and compete for the highest score set by a 6 people playing one guitar, with each person allocated a key and the strum bar to play!

The Guinness World Records: Gamer’s Edition 2008 released on February 8 is an exciting new venture which celebrates the records and achievement of the video gaming world. The book profiles the worlds best selling titles, reviews games and accessories and is packed with tips, cheats and trivia that will keep gamers engrossed!

‘Videogaming was one of our most popular sections of our annual book,’ explained Gamer’s Edition Editor Keith Pullin ‘we are delighted to now give video game records the space they deserve, it is a must have for every gaming enthusiast!’

To register for the London leg of the Guitar Hero Relay marathon please contact