RedOctane, the developer of the Guitar Hero series, has answered an interesting question in their FAQ section on their website about the future of their series:

“When is Guitar Hero 2 (II) Coming? Will there be GH 2 for Wii, PS3, XBox, Xbox 360, etc?”

“Guitar Hero 2 for Playstation 2 launched 11/7/2006, Xbox 360 launched 4/3/2007 and both items are shipping now. Please check and for the most recent information.

Guitar Hero 3 for the Playstation 2, PS3, Xbox 360 and Wii are currently scheduled for release in the United States in Fall of 2007.”

Looks like they’ve officially confirmed GH 3 for Wii now :)  Let’s hope we get a full-blown guitar without wires!

Source: IGN Wii