– World Tour mode, Band Career mode (4 player online), Battle of the Bands mode (4 Vs. 4 online)

– Drum setup: 3 pad, 2 cymbals, 1 bass pedal

– drum pads are ‘velocity sensitive’

– New guitar: “newly designed” and “more responsive.”

– New gameplay mechanic yet to be announced

– customizable rocker, logo, album art, and more

– ‘Jam Mode’ has been taken out…for now. Jam Mode let you play over any song in the game, without the need to follow notes

– Music creation: “We’ve embraced the whole custom community and we’re giving fans what they want. It’s a full recording studio and an online repository, a library for people to post their songs.”

– Difficulty: “The Expert level will still be what it is: you’ll play every note in the song. If it’s a really hard song, it’s going to be really hard to play in the game. And that’s what the hardcore fans want. But for the rest of the people, we’re trying to make the ramp [from Easy to Hard] a little more linear.”


  • Innovative Music Studio Lets Players Compose, Record, Edit and
    Share Music
  • Biggest Selection of On-Disc Music with All Master Tracks
  • Robust New Eight-Player “Battle of the Bands” Mode
  • First Game Ever in the Guitar Hero(R) Franchise to Allow In-Game
    Downloadable Content on Wii

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