Red Octain has a press release concerning Guitar Hero World Tour. Were they describe the different instruments and new features in the game. According to the Press release the Drums will need its own Wii-mote, along with the Guitars, that comes to three if  you add a bass. The biggest thing comes at the end of the press release. We may have to pay for battle of the bands! Press release after the jump.


• Mii Freestyle – Use your Mii to rock out in the Wii exclusive Freestyle mode. Create Blues, Rock or Metal masterpieces by yourself, or join with friends to jam freely together on guitar controllers and drum kit controller!
• Downloadable Content – Download new tracks through the in-game Music Store. You’ll never run out of songs to play!

All NEW Instruments

State of the art WIRELESS guitar controller with the new neck slider and authentic drum kit controller, with wired microphone deliver the most authentic band experience.

Innovative Music Studio*

Compose, record, edit, and share your own music online. Download and play community-created content for free!

Battle of the Bands Mode*

Rock out solo, with a band or kick it up with 4 vs. 4 Battle of the Bands play.


Create your own rocker, choose from your favorite Guitar Hero® icons or take the stage as the biggest rock stars around.

The Rock and Roll Experience

Enjoy a massive soundtrack, all master tracks, and no covers!

Drum Kit Controller (NOT included)

• Wireless!
• 5 pressure sensitive drum pads including a high-hat and cymbal
• Non-slip moveable kick pedal
• One-piece collapsible adjustable stand
• Expandable setup via MIDI hookup
• Authentic wood drum sticks

Guitar Controller (NOT included)

• All-New touch sensitive neck slider for nailing intense solos
• Increased accuracy with more responsive, dual-color fret buttons
• Jam effortlessly with an elongated strum bar and dedicated star-power button
• Improved battery life with built-in auto sleep mode.
• Wireless and removable faceplates

Microphone (NOT included)

• High performance, high clarity, wired microphone
• Reliable and durable design
• Includes 15 foot USB cable

Gameplay Modes:

• Players 1-4 (online multiplayer 2-8)
• Co-op 2-4 (online co-op 2-4)
• 1-2 Guitar Controllers*, Drum Kit Controller and Microphone
• Content download

*Guitar Hero® World Tour Game is compatible with Guitar Hero® guitar controllers for Wii™. Wii Remote™ required for guitar and drum peripherals. Sold separately. Some features may be limited in the Wii™ Guitar Hero World Tour games. Battle of the Bands only available in online play; it may require an additional subscription.