Man Asks for Support on Kickstarter to Build Super Mario Brothers Level 1-1 Out of Legos

A man named Zachary Pollock recently started a Kickstarter campaign to try to raise $26,400 to build a mosaic of level 1-1 from the vintage Super Mario Brothers game out of Legos. Pollock is a Lego and Super Mario enthusiast. If he can raise enough money, his Super Mario Brother Lego mosaic will be the largest Lego mosaic in history.

Pollock estimates that he’ll need about 780,000 Lego studs to build the mosaic, which will be 6 feet tall and 90 feet wide. The $26,400 he’s trying to raise on Kickstarter will cover the cost of materials for the project but won’t cover the cost of labor. If Pollock is able to successfully fund and finish the project, the Super Mario Brothers Lego mosaic will be on display at the BrickCon Expo in Seattle in October of 2012.

As of now, Pollock has only raised a little over $5,000 for his proposed project from Kickstarter supporters. He has twenty days left to raise the full $26,400. Kickstarter will only fund the project if Pollock is able to raise the full requested amount of funding by May 10, 2012.

Pollock says that the one of the main purposes of the Lego project is to inspire people to rethink the way they view Legos and video games. Pollock asserts that many people associate both Legos and video games with children. He wants to prove that both Legos and video games can enrich the lives of people of all ages by inspiring creativity and innovation.

Whether or not Pollock will get enough funding for his Super Mario Brothers Legos mosaic project is still up in the air. If the funding does come through, Super Mario Brothers and Legos fans alike will definitely have something to look forward to.

Author’s Bio: Melissa is a Nintendo enthusiast and guest blogger on the subjects of Super Mario games, gaming culture, and Super Mario party supplies.