Taken from Kotaku.com

In order to support Petric’s insanity plea, his lawyers spent Tuesday building up his video game addiction, with his sister testifying that he became addicting following being housebound due to a staph infection following a serious skiing accident. Another character witness, Daniel’s 17-year-old friend Jonathan Johnson, explained that Petric was so obsessed with the Halo games that he would spend large amounts of time at Johnson’s house playing them. One marathon session took place a week before the shooting, during a time when Petric’s father had kicked him out of the house over an argument following the fight.

You probably have heard of this story already. This 17 year old boy is being charged with shooting his father and and his mother. This has gained country wide fame because many people are blaming video games for his problems. I do not believe this kid is mentally ill. Addiction to anything is a type of disease, but nothing that would lead you to kill someone. I have a lot more to stay but I am going to stop right here before I get myself in trouble.