Developer: Arzest
Platform: Nintendo 3DS
Launch Date: 2014


After fighting through the crowds, I managed to sit down with Yoshi’s New Island for the 3DS.  The demo featured five levels: Two above ground levels, and a cave level.  These levels are reminiscent of the SNES classic, but instead of a linear path, I had to navigate my way through various twists and turns.

Though the level design may be confusing at first, players will be able to breeze through the levels with relative ease.  I had a lot of fun plowing ahead while stomping on enemies.  The designers may have picked up on the wants of speed-runners, as I found enemies placed exactly where I wanted them in order to shave a few seconds off of my time.

If you remember the art style of Yoshi’s Island for the SNES, then you will know exactly what to expect with this new title.  However, this game’s art-style is more pastel and oil, rather than than simply the crayon of the original.  This is not necessarily a bad thing, as this new style better lends itself the 3D display of the 3DS.

I am happy to report that the game controls just like its predecessor.  The only difference I have found is that the controls have become a bit more floaty, but this does not take long to get used to.  After a minute, it was just like I was playing the classic.

Speaking of, the levels keep track of the flowers, red coins, and star points you’ve acquired, which means there is a good chance the scoring system is making a comeback for the 3DS sequel, so completionists will have something to look forward to.

The newest mechanic in the game is the gigantic egg.  It’s a one shot deal, but Yoshi can use it just like a regular egg.  This humungous item can knock over pipes and thin walls; knock over enough of these obstacles, and Yoshi gets an extra-life.  They were not used in any major puzzle-solving, but were more or less an introduction to the concept.

Since this game is still early in development, many elements were scarce.  Enemies were limited only to shy guys, piranha plants, dazees and ghosts (not boos), and the only items to be found were red coins, flowers, stars, and eggs.  Even though this demo did not present much, I feel I have gotten a good first impression of the game, and cannot wait to see what else the Yoshi’s New Island team has to offer.