Man one year, it only seems like yesterday. As I anounced on Friday, we will be posting peoples Wii experiences through out the day, Waiting in line for the Wii, the first time they got their Wii, or their favorite Wii experience. If you haven’t sent yours in yet, there is still time. You can email them to me anytime today at:, and I will post them up. It doesn’t have to be to long, paragraph or two will be fine. If you want to wright a whole page like I did, go ahead, thats fine as well.

I am going to post someones Wii experience story now, and that someones is going to be me. Its kinda long, actually its really long. I will be impressed if you read the whole thing. If you do, you will probably be able to tell at which point I started to get tired. I enjoyed writing it, and thats all that count. Hit the jump to check out my story:

I still remember the day like it was yesterday. My Wii launch celebration started on Friday night, at Justin house. We spent the Night talking about our dreams and out hopes of what was to come. We also celebrated with one last Game Cube party, playing some Mario Strikers and some other things. When we finally went to bed, it was hard for me to sleep. I spent many hours tossing and turning, waiting and wondering, for they day ahead.

Before I go much further with the story, let me tell you what we had planed. We decided to pick up our Wii’s at midnight, at one of our local Wal-mart. We where going to check in periodically through the day on Saturday to check the lines. If lines never formed, we would go about 4 ish and start our own line. There was eight of us that day. We all arrived at the Wal-mart and walked into the layaway area. (Where we saw the lines where at for the PS3 launch) We where greeted by two other Wii-Waitees. The first was a guy probably in his mid 20’s who told us that he waited the a few days earlier for the Ps3. 2nd was a nice older lady, who ways waiting to get a Wii for her grandson, she had been waiting since 12 o’clock Then there was the eight of us.

We Where told after about an hour of waiting in the lay-away section, by a crude blubbering old Wal-Mart worker, that the “line doesn’t start here!!!” They where going to announce, over the PA, at 8 pm where the line will start. Then the first 20 or so would get a little slip of paper telling them they could get a Wii. “This was the dumbest Idea ever I thought”. So the eight of us split up, and went to different parts of the store to wait. I am not going to bore you anymore with details of the next 2 hours or so.

8 pm was rolling near and I was franticly looking at my watch in great anticipation. A voice came over the PA, “The person who drives a red truck, your lights are on”. Then the voice came over again” The Wii line will start at the Tire and lube section, I repeat the Wii line will start at the tire and lube section.” Once I heard this I looked around and found myself still standing by the layaway section. I started to run, faster and faster I ran, passing old women and small children. To this day I still believe a knocked over a old lady. As I neared the tire and lube section. I was amazed by how many people came running from all corners of Wal-Mart. 1-2-3-10-15-25-33, I counted the people in front of me. Damn!! I am to far back!! As I looked around I saw Justin, just behind me, just as angry as I was. After about 5 min of fuming we found out that two of our 8 had made it in the line. What where the other six of us to do?

Side note: You may be wondering about the old lady. Well she didn’t make in the line, but I heard someone gave up there spot for her.

To skip some more boring details we ended up at a Wal-Mart about 20 min down the road where I lived. With no luck there also, we decided to check out Target. Knowing that Target wasn’t going to have a Midnight launch, we where ready to wait in line all night in the freezing cold. When we arrived at Target we where to surprised to find that we where the only ones there. We asked the Manager if he minded if we started a line. He told us no problem. Then he took us out side where he placed this sign.


After leaving three of our group in line, Justin, Nick, and I drove to my house down the road to pick up some supplies for the night. After grabbing every piece of warm clothing I could find. We headed back to Target, where we where greeted by 10 more happy Wii-waites then we left waiting.

To skip some more boring details: The night was long and cold, it dropped to about 30 that night. We where awaken by a scary Santa looking guy, and his giant street sweeper. Finally at 7 o’clock some Target employs came out of the store handed us our tickets, for the Wii’s, and told us that we would be getting our Wii’s in about an hour. An hour later the employs came back out side and escorted us into the store where we all received our Wii’s. My Wii adventure will always be one of my greatest memories.


This is 5/6 of the Wii group. (Justin took the pic) Right before we got our Wii’s Thats me on the right and Nick to my left.