I’m sorry this is late coming but it was a story I thought was worth sharing. My in-law’s came to visit me over Christmas and of course the Wii was involved. My father-in-law hasn’t really enjoyed a video game since he bought a Sega Genesis for the kids. Well i showed off a few games (I learned to start with other games before Wii sports otherwise the other games get left out) and then we moved on to Wii sports. It was an immediate success. He loved bowling and golf the most. On Christmas eve my wife, mother-in-law, and I all went to do some shopping and left my father-in-law at home. We left him playing the Wii and found him playing the Wii. By the end of the day over 13 hours had been logged on the Wii and most of it was him by himself!!! He was a pro in 3 sports! All i heard afterwards was how much he wanted to get one. Well on valentines day we got a call from him saying guess what i got for valentines day?? Truthfully not knowing we had no idea what could make him this excited, and yep you guessed it his wife bought him a Wii!