Happy weekend and a happy start to summer vacation to most of you school students today. What better way to start the beginning of your summer then with the launch of Super Mario Galaxy 2. That’s right, Galaxy 2 launch is just over 13 hours away, from the time of this post. I may spend my Saturday afternoon seeing if I can chase down an early, street date broken, copy of Mario Galaxy 2.

I rounded up something special for the launch of Mario Galaxy 2. Actually, I am sure none of you will watch it so it’s not that special. After the jump is the final boss battle in Super Mario Galaxy 2. If you watch it, enjoy, if you do not, enjoy it when you get there.

Have a happy weekend and happy playing Super Mario Galaxy 2. Oh, we are also almost 3 weeks away from E3 2010.


New video, 120 stars ending.

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