3-D-S! 3-3-D-s! 3DS!!! Ok now that is out of my system. For all of us who live in NA, we are just a few short hours away from the launch of the 3DS. (13 hours 30 min from this post) With the excitement almost over it almost seems unreal. Between all of us at Pure Nintendo we will be getting a variety of different 3DS games; Nintendogs & Cats, Steel Diver, Street Fighter, Pilot Wings, Star Wars, just to name the ones I know about. Who knows we could show up tonight and ask for everything,

There have been some unofficial reports that the 3DS pre-orders for the UK and NA are twice as strong then the Wii’s. Some expects say the 3DS will sell out the 3DS in 2011. Could we be seeing another crazy shortage like we did for the Wii?

I hope everyone has a safe 3DS launch night and enjoy the great system we have been telling you all about since it first graced out eyes at E3 last year. I am sure we will be putting up some game impressions and other things as we dive even deeper into the 3D.