This is a little later then I normally do my Weekend post (that’s if i do it at all anymore). I just wanted to take some time out to let you know what is going on in the lives of Some of you may of noticed that we where testing the live blog program last night. I wanted to see if we could connect or camera to the computer take the pic and have it save to the desk top so we could quickly upload it to the program. Well to end this boring story quickly, it seemed ot work very well, and we will be ready to go to live update the Nintendo press conference. We may be testing a few other things as the week goes on.

We will be heading out sometime next Saturday afternoon to head up to Nashville, TN, to meet at Justin’s home, and then fly out Sunday morning at 9 for LA.  I still setting up meetings with devleopers, but probably sometime this week I will post our full schedule that we have  for E3  2009. We have five guys going to E3, so hopefully we can provide you with some of our best coverage.

I hope everyone has a fantastic memoral day weekend! Don’t forget to play some games, like Punch Out, Boom Blox!