The weekend is finally here! Wooooo!! I hope everyone had a great weekend so far. I am excited to finally have my football Sundays back. There is one downfall to having football being back;  it taking away my video game playing time. I guess I need to find some other time to play.

This week has been a lot busier, news-wise, than I thought it would. Which is always good. Next week will be even busier with the start of TGS on Tuesday and the big event, the Nintendo’s 3DS press conference, on Monday night at 11pm et. Like I said last week I will be switching my working schedule to keep me up later into the night to help cover the TGS event. So hopefully I can survive the late nights. I have a tendency to go crazy late at night when I am by myself. I may end up nude and huddling in the corner.

Just a quick reminder that the Nintendo 3DS press conference will be lived streamed. Most likely it will all be in Japanese. That is why we will be love blogging the event, trying to decipher some of what is going on.