It has been way to long since I made my normal..wait I can not say has been that long since I have done my weekend post. Things just kept happening that kept me from producing these posts. When I did have a little time, let’s be honest, things have been a little slow on the Nintendo front. Until this week.

This past Wednesday Nintendo held there 3rd Nintendo Direct presentations. After two of these events we probably concluded, that while these presentations are nice, they normally do not produce a megaton announcement. I am not sure if it was the fact Nintendo was holding three presentations in one day. (ended up being 2.5) Or the fact Nintendo was holding them on the day Sony was releasing the NA version of the PS Vita. What ever it was, I was excited. Do not get me wrong.  A lot of exciting things were announced, but it was missing that megaton announcment. I normally keep my hopes in check during these events. But come on Nintendo! If you are going to be so bold to announce three presentations on the launch of your biggest competition next handheld..why would you not go all out? I am not even sure what I expect. I just feel if Nintendo was going to do it on the Vita launch day, why not do something big?

On a side note, I am very excited for Last Story!