I love the Weekends, A time I can just sit back relax and play some games. I hope everyone out there is having a mighty fine weekend. For those on Spring Break, have a safe and wonderful spring break.

I now I say this a lot, but I am super excited for what we have coming down the way for purenintendo. I am sure you will enjoy what it is also. Our goal is to have it completed by the end of this month or early april, crossing our fingers. Just a heads up, we will actually be choosing a few of you to help out with what we have planned. What does that mean? Well you will have to wait and see.

GDC was not as big as it has been in the past, for Nintendo fans, but still very good. GDC 2010 ends today, but I am not expecting to much to come out of it. I have contacted High Voltage inquiring if the Wii version of The Grinder will be switching from FPS view to a top down view like the 360. Still no response from them, but I will keep bugging them for an answer. Trust me I have everyones email address in that company, I will get an answer.

Makes sure you check out the Gametrailers Nintendo episode below. It is packed full of Nintendo, with an interview with Reggie, and info of Galaxy 2 and Metriod Prim Other M.

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