I am so glad for the weekend. A time to just set back relax from a long work week; to play some games, and hang with friends. Today also marks the start of May and the beginning of  our E3 2010 preparation. We have already got some of the stuff done, like registration and booking a hotel room. This next month we will be planing our our agenda, contacting companies, and getting our resources together. It going to be a long and busy month and a half , but it all will end in a great week in LA.

Below is some new sources, we have implemented, to help stay in contact with our readers. These sources will come in very handy during E3 time to help keep us connected to you guys.


purenintendo – http://twitter.com/purenintendo

James (Mine) – http://twitter.com/purely_james

More twitter accounts will be added later. We will use this to let you all know what we are into and doing through out the E3 time.


purenintendo facebook page

I have also set up a phone number where you will be able to text us your questions about E3, and hopefully we will be able to get back to you in return. I will release it before the event. Please don’t spam me or ruin it for others. If i start getting spam or improper texts, it just takes me 3 seconds to turn off the number.

Here at purenintendo we recognize that we didn’t get to where we are ourselves. It was all of our readers who supported us and checked our site everyday. If it wasn’t for you, there would be no E3. Staying in close communication with you, and providing the best coverage of E3, is our way of saying thank you.

Do not forget to add us to your social networking friends. Have a good weekend.

-James Higginbotham

Head Editor/PR