How was your first full week of 2009? For those who are in school, how was your first week back is school? This may seem weird, but I am glad to be back to a regular news week. The two weeks during the holidays, when things were slow, I felt a little lost. Anyways the news for 2009 has started off in full swing. I am excited to see what the rest of 2009 will bring us.

Site Note: Some of you may have noticed something new on purenintendo.com for the past week. We have added a purenintendo/Amazon shop. Look at the top menu and you can see a tab that says shop. Now you can get your Nintendo news and purchase Nintendo products all at one place. If that’s not awesome, show me what is. We are all-so looking into adding out own special purenintendo section to the store. If we can get all the details worked out, it should be up soon.

My Gaming Set-up.

I have been part of purenintendo.com for almost 2 years now, and I have never shown off my gaming set-up. I just recently moved my residents, to the top of a three store house, (we call it a tower) so everything is not all set up yet, but its getting there. As you notice on this pic, I do have a 360 and play-it a lot, but look at the contrast of Wii games to 360. Also to the left of the screen you may notice a little de Blob character, a special gift from THQ. What you don’t see in the picture  is a little to the right of the TV, a small fridge,  a microwave, and a air-hockey table. With these two things I never need to leave my tower.


I decided to take some pic from the top of my “tower” to show you the view I have when I play games.