It is time for the  semi-big announcement’s that I promised from last week. If you read the title you already know; will be attending this years Comic Con in New York City, February 6th-8th. It started out with Justin and I just wanting to go up there to check out Mad World and the Conduit. We contacted Comic Con representatives and our contacts, and this thing has turned into a little E3, so we are going to treat it that way. We decided to use this as a kind of warm up for E3. We will be doing videos; interviews, games, and the show floor. We will also write impressions on all the games we play. We have meetings set up with Atari and Hudson, and also havepress access for the booths of EA and Activison. We are still waiting to hear from SEGA, the main reason we are going up there. We will talk more about this event the close we get to it.

2nd announcement, new site design coming!

We have been hard at work putting together a new and better site design for (well when I say we I mean Justin and with some input by me) I am very excited about this new redesign. It makes the site more user friendly and gives it more of a website feel but yet still feels like a blog. That may not make much sense, but you will have to wait and see for yourself. The new will be up by the time we leave for Comic Con.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend. If anyone out there is planning on attending Comic Con in NY, let us know we would like to meet you, or you can just look for us walking around the show floor.