Once again on behalf, of Pure Nintendo, I would like to say our hearts and prayers go out the Japanese people. It’s hard to imagine how high the toll of this quake and Tsunami is going to be.  As search and clean up starts, I am sure we will see death-toll skyrocket.

If you missed it earlier, by most reports, most of the video game industry is ok. Some reporting heavy to light damage, but no loss of life has been reported.

On a brighter note the 3DS is almost two weeks away in North America. Yesterday Kevin and I switched our 3DS pre-order from a Gamestop that was opening up 9 am to one that was opening up at Midnight. That was a whole ordeal itself that I will not get into now.

If you are wondering the games I am planning to get. I pre-ordered Street Fighter 4 and planning on picking up Nintendogs at launch. Why Nintendodogs? To be honest, Nintendogs show off the best use of the 3DS. It looks great graphically, the 3D is great, and it uses AR really well.

To end my Saturday rant, I am hearing reports that some Best Buy stores have already began receiving 3DS demo units. Most Gamestop stores are not supposed to receive theirs until March 25th. I have contacted a Best Buy contact of mine to get some confirmation.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!