Ahhhh…Summer time and the feeling is nice. Many of you are beginning to reach the end of your respected school years and looking forward to that summer time. The school year is full of all that schoolwork stuff, which causes many people to fall behind in their gaming. The idea of all those games you have to play or start, can be whelming, especially with the fact that the summer is packed with new releases as well. I find it easier to make a checklist for myself, a gaming summer accomplishment list. Below you will find my list, (Nintendo and 360), of game I want to finish start of go that extra mile in.


  • Retrieve all Coins in Mario Brothers Wii (Finished the game 3 times)
  • Spirit Tracks (Finish)
  • Monster Hunter
  • Mario Galaxy 2
  • Finish Red Steel 2 (Finish)
  • Metriod Other M
  • Pokemon Soul Silver (Finish)


  • Batman (Finish)
  • Splinter Cell: Convictions
  • Alan Wake

I’m sure there will be more added to the list as time goes on, I’m happy with it now. What are you gaming accomplishments for this summer?