Happy Weekend everyone! It’s always good to have a nice relaxing weekend, or is it going to be. I know many of you are starting to gear up for finals, but remember, its against some law, somewhere, to study on Saturday. : ) If you must study, a good study break could be a quick few matches in Brawl, or a race or 12 in Mario Kart. Hope everyone has a good weekend and take care.

Above is a picture of a man, while using the triforce power of courage, is robbing a bank. We do not condone robbing banks here at purenintenod.com, but I thought it was kinda interesting that the guy was robbing a bank, with this hat on. Hey lets start a rumor like we are some group that doesn’t know anything about video games, but still talks a lot of smack about them….lets say we are a Senator, and lets say we are from California and our last name rhymes with Lee. “Kids who play Zelda grow up to rob banks.