I hope everyone is staying warm while almost all of America is gripped in unnatural cold weather. Even here in South Tenn it got down to about zero degrees Thursday night. You know what is good to do when its cold out side……That’s right stay inside and play some games, and maybe drink some coffee or hot chocolate.

We have a big announcement..OK its not that big, we will call it semi-big announcement happening soon. I was going to make this announcement in this post, I decided to wait while we finish off the details. The announcement will be made no later then this post next week. I hope everyone is having a good and fantastic, three day weekend for some of you.

What to find out what the deal is with the chicken? Hit the jump to find out.

Last weekend Kevin and I where taking part in a short movie. Kevin was the audio tech (sorry Kevin forgot the tech-term) while yours truly was in the Chicken suit. It was a fantastic, but long and cold weekend.