I think I enjoy my Wiikend posts. This is a time where I can let you guys know what is going on in the life of Pure Nintendo. First off, you may have realized that our posting schedules have changed, or maybe you haven’t. Justin and I have both started new jobs that completely turned our schedules upside down. Please forgive us while we start to get into a routine again with our new schedules. Also, guess what’s back?! The forums are finally back up, so go chat, discuss or make fun of each other. We have already got one discussion going: “The Nintendo Channel Rocks.” One last important reminder, TOMORROW IS MOTHER’S DAY!!! So if you haven’t gotten your mom a present yet, go get one today. I hope you have a wonderful weekend, and give your moms some love. Maybe invite them to play a game with you, like Boom Blox.

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