First, I want to wish everyone a Happy Wiikend, and I hope you are enjoying your Thanksgiving break with family and friends.

Now to the good stuff. I promised you a contest by the end of the week, and I cannot get any more near the end of the week then Saturday. Activision was kind enough to send us over James Bond Quantum of Solace  Wii to review, and we are going to pass is on to you. I am still working my way through the game, but hopefully this contest will force me to finish it. The contest is simple, just send me a picture of your best James Bond pose, or any James Bond character. Check out the rules below, yes there has to be rules.

  • Keep it clean: No obscenity of crude picture will be judged just thrown away
  • No copyrighted pictures: make it an actual picture of yourself
  • Send picture to me at
  • Contest runs from now to December 13th, two weeks
  • Only one submission per person
  • The top 3 submissions will be put on the site at the end of the contest