Happy Wiikend everyone!! I hope you all are, and will have, a marvelous wiikend.  All of us here at pure nintendo will; we will be heading to our high school reunion, rehashing old friendships, and girlfriends ; ) (JK) While we are gone, there are a few post you should check out our re-check out today. The first one is the Force Unleashed video posted yesterday, (HERE) If you take a look at the Wii section of the video you will find something pretty awesome about the Wii controls. The 2nd one will take a little reading but I would like to hear your opinion on it, some of you already have. (CHECK HERE) This article talks about the problems Nintendo is having with their online play, and what they should possiable do with it. Please read the article and tell me what you think, and then check out the question I posted in the comments.

Finally some calender markers for this next week. Tomorrow, April  6, Lucas Arts is supposed to make a big announcement.  No one knows what it is, I am hoping for KOTOR. The second one, and more bigger, is on this Thursday April 10, Nintendo will be holding a Nintendo Summit. Where they will show off some new and old games. I would not get your hopes to high about this. If you remember last years summit an embargo was placed on the summit, and to this day we still are not sure what was seen that day. If any news comes out of it we will be here to post it for you. Have a good wiikend and see you later.