Harmonix announced they will bring back the hugely popular music franchise, Rock Band, to the Xbox One and PS4. Leaving some, including myself, to wonder why no Wii U support?  Harmonix Project Manager Daniel Sussman and Nick Chester explain why.

Wii U?
Daniel: The Wii U is a really hard call for us, but from our initial research the audience is not there yet, and I would be really psyched for there to be this public outcry of “Where is the Wii U? I will absolutely throw money at you and I wanna buy it and preorder it!” and all that. And then we start working on it.

Nick Chester: We’re seeing all these people flock, especially towards PS4, and people are abandoning their Wiis, and using their Xbox 360s as… We don’t have a version of it because neither of the consoles are backwards compatible.

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Out of all the games that forgone a Wii U release. Rock Band 4 is the biggest embarrassment and disgrace towards Nintendo and the Wii U – This is coming from someone who never owned a music game before.

I would love to hear your opinion about Wii U owners missing out on Rock Band 4.