GD: Considering the incredible sales of the Wii I’m curious why Rock Band wasn’t launched simultaneously on that platform along with the others because it seemed like a no brainier to have that right away from the start.

GL: It was twofold. One, when we made the initial decisions about where to place our resources, [the success of the Wii] wasn’t as clear as it became in retrospect and really for us, it was simply a matter of resources. We’re not a very big company, and Rock Band was certainly by far the largest thing we’d ever attempted. We weren’t comfortable handing much of the core off to others because we wanted to make sure that it was everything we wanted it to be. We just simply didn’t have the bandwidth to do it in the same timeframe, but certainly we’re very enthusiastic about the Wii and we’re very excited about what we might be able to accomplish on that platform long term.

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