– You can choose your gender at the beginning of the game.
– The town is called “Breeze Town” (or Zephyer Town); そよ風タウン

The Bazaar:
– Each week the town has a bazaar, where people put up items for sale.
– You can also participate in the bazaar by selling items you’ve grown, found, or produced
– At the end of the “day”, the results of the bazaar will be tallied up by Felix, the mayor of the town.

– The town has 3 windmills. Each can produce different goods when you place ingredients inside.
– The speed at which goods are manufactured depends on the wind speed of that day. You can do more if the day has hurricane winds.

– You can have up to 3 other people join you in your bazaar OR your farm.
– They can buy items from your bazaar, or even work on your farm with you.

– Felix, the town’s mayor. He is a muscular man with a blond beard
– Stewart, who runs the town’s hotel.
– Sania, Stewart’s wife
– Mucha, who is very enthusiastic about business.
– Yuris
– Deluka, Yuris’ brother
– Royd, a traveler
– Freya
– Anemone, she works at the hotel as a maid.
– Shelfa, who is mayor Felix’s daughter.