Here at Pure Nintendo we strive to be the best Nintendo news site we can. Things have gone extremely well for us over the past 4 months. With the new site and a reader base tripling, new contacts, and some cool things in the works. We have many things to be thankful for. With all this success we are having, I am afraid we have become complacent and set in our ways. What I am wanting from you, is to slap us in our faces with honesty. Tell us what you like, tell us what you hate (I really want this one), tell us what you want to change or add. I want you to be honest. If you think we just totally suck, tell us, I will not be to mad, I may cry a little but I will get over it. If you think my grammar is totally sucky, well you do not have to tell us that, I already know. If you want us to add something new, like more podcast, tournaments, video stream, so on, let us know. If you think we should totally change the way we present out Nintendo news, let us know, but you better have a good alternative. Thank you in advance for all your input. You can just leave us a comment below, or you can email me a james at

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