Hexologic is a new puzzle game from MythicOwl inspired by Sudoku. The twist? Hexologic uses hexagonal grids instead of squares to creatively rearrange the classic number game.

The developers have rebuilt the well-known rules of Sudoku, combining dots and hexagons to create a new experience for fans, or for those discovering the game for the first time.

Hexologic screenshot 1

Hexologic presents players with 60 puzzles to solve, set in 4 different worlds with unique gameplay mechanics. The atmosphere is designed to provide a relaxing gaming experience, complete with soothing music. The game also promises well-balanced puzzles that are challenging but conquerable, providing hours of fun.

Hexologic will come to PC, iOS and Android on May 29, with the Nintendo Switch release to follow later this year. In the meantime, check out the trailer below to see the game in action.

Hexologic screenshot 1

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Source: MysticOwl