NWR: So officially, what is the status of The Grinder on Wii?

JO: We’re planned for it, then we switched to Infernal Engine; the focus has been on PS3 and 360. We’re very interested in pursuing Wii titles. We think there are great opportunities out there on the Wii. We’re kind of still defining–the engine does work on the Wii–we’re defining what the Wii SKU will be.

NWR: So you’d actually think about switching the whole engine as well?

JO: Well, initially it was on Quantum3, and we’re still doing games on Quantum3, and it’s nice to have that flexibility between Quantum3 and Infernal, which are both great engines. We can do a lot with them. We haven’t quite decided yet.

NWR: You guys were really pumping out WiiWare games for a while. Are there any plans for more titles?

JO: We’re always looking. WiiWare titles did well for us. We’re used to a certain team size. So I think it’s something that’s nice for teams, if you’re on a longer project, a bigger team, then switch to something that’s small, and lean-and-mean, and a shorter dev schedule. It’s definitely something we’re looking at. We were the number one maker of WiiWare games for a while there. We did Gyrostarr, Blackjack, High Voltage Hot Rod Show, and Evasive Space. So we have four titles out there. We’re very supportive of WiiWare.

NWR: What’s the status of Animales de las Muertes? I noticed that you have the video of it still running.

JO: We’re not full time on it, but we always go back to it and continue to work on it. We think there’s a great game there, so, one day.

NWR: Do you have any interest in working on DS games?

JO: There’s a large segment of the company that is very interested in DS. At lunchtime, wandering around the halls, there are a lot of DS games being played. That being said, we’re not going to announce anything specifically.

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