“‬I think that we,‭ ‬as an industry,‭ ‬have become dazzled by the bling. ‬We’ve all got stars in our eyes for Hollywood,‭ ‬with twenty,‭ ‬thirty,‭ ‬forty million dollar budgets over night and hundred-person teams working for years on titles without ever running a P&L to see if anything could support that.‭ There’re still a whole lot of companies that seem to just want to crap something out for the Wii and put all their emphasis on the other two less popular systems.‭ ‬As long as the‭ ‬360‭ ‬and PS3‭ ‬are seen as the lead SKU,‭ ‬it’s problematic.‭” – Eric Nofsinger,‭ ‬High Voltage’s chief‭ ‬creative‭ ‬officer

We spent probably a good 30 min today talking to one of the developers of the Conduit about gaming industry, WiiWare, and other things gaming. You can find out what we learned in a post later.