Kotaku recently went hands-on with SSX Blur and also got to see some projects EA is currently working on.  He hints at the title they showed off here:

But prior to Junkie XL’s mini-set, EA Montreal boss Alain Tascan took the stage to congratulate his team on getting the Wii game out the door, as well as show off what the company was currently working on. The first title was… something I’m not allowed to talk about. I can say that it’s definitely tailored to the Wii crowd and will feature sunshine. Cryptic enough for you? What I can say is that it’s unlike anything the developer has ever done. I don’t think you’ll be expecting this one. Really.

Not much information, but bring on the speculation :)  Something “tailored to the Wii crowd” and “will feature sunshine”?  Hmmmmm…I think it could be something totally new.  Kotaku says that we won’t be expecting this one.  Hopefully we’ll get more info soon.

Source: Kotaku