Nintendo is developing a game called, “Hotel Dusk: Room 215,” it is being co developed by Cing the developers of Trace Memory. This game starts in the year 1979, heres an excerpt from nintendo power,

“The year is 1979. You’re Kyle Hyde, a burned-out ex-cop searching for a missing friend. This “friend”–Bradley–was your partner on the force, until he stabbed you in the back and skipped town with a stolen painting.”


This game is basically finding out about the secrets of others, one must say the right things in order to progress. In theory it is in the same vein as the Pheonix wright games, developed by Capcom. The main character will meet lots of people that will inhib or stop his progress. This game is a noir thriller and totally is similar to Trace memory in that sense.

Look for this title soon–it releases January 22, 2007