The first mission of The House of the Dead: OVERKILL is also Special Agent G’s first mission. He has been dispatched by his agency, the secretive AMS, to investigate Papa Ceasar’s connection to a host of mysterious disappearances. At the exact moment G arrives, Detective Washington also turns up at the gates of the plantation house, on the trail of his missing father.

From the outset a tension exists between these hardboiled professionals, each feeling the other is stepping on their turf. But, when mutants attack, the Detective and the Agent are forced to accept that two guns are better than one and that an immediate and violent response is required.

The pair storm the plantation house grounds, gunning their way between trees and shrubs, capping mutants left, right and centre. Before long they reach the doors of the plantation house itself. They break in and find the place overrun with mutants. Something has gone badly wrong here…

Inside the Plantation House, a host of sick and twisted surprises awaits our heroes, and holed up in the basement is their nemesis, Papa Ceasar, with the first surprise in what promises to be a long, dangerous night in Bayou City.