The Wii is still nearly impossible to find in stores after being out for over a year, but you somehow have obtained one of these fantastic pieces of machinery. Now what? Well, it is time to throw a Wii party for you and all your friends. Here is list on how to throw the coolest party in town.

Four ways to party with your Wii:


Setting-up is easy. All you need is a room you can take everything out of. Add a few chairs, and you are good to go. If the room has carpet it will be best. This way no one will be slipping all over the floor. And don’t forget to turn the ceiling fan off. More than once has someone thrusted their arms up into one.

Culinary Delights

Next, food is a necessity. One thing to keep in mind though is nothing greasy. No one likes a greasy Wiimote. Serve things like cookies, chips and dip, and basicly anything that stays on the food and not on your fingers. But, if you think things are going to get messy, you might want to have some wet wipes on standby.

Playing Sports

Once everyone arrives be sure to give everyone a quick tutorial on game play. Wrist straps are a must, and explain some of the basics of Wii playing. A great game to start everyone out with is Wii Sports. There is a lot of motion and the sports are easy to pick-up on. After 10 minutes you will have some instant tennis pros. If your group is a little more experienced Wii’ers you may want to bust out with Mario Strikers. Only do this if you feel the group can handle the frustration of a loose, electrified cannonball being kicked all over the screen.

Having Some Pun

Puns make a Wii party great. Here is a list of several Wii party-tested you can use:

  • S-Wii-t
  • Wii-tacular
  • Wii-diculous
  • Wii-tarded
  • Ph-Wii-nomenal

These are some simple words people can use if they get excited or overly pleased about something that just happened. For instance, if you just beat your opponent in tennis, you can say something like, “Wow, that was Wii-tacular!” After using several of these, encourage the group to come up with their own Wii puns.

These are the essentials. Invite all of your friend over because now you know how to have a rockin’, Wii-tastic party.

How bout you guys? Any bodacious Wii parties coming up?