Nintendo may be destroying the environment by making the Wii, they make up for it in Watt Usage. (Totals are for the year.)

Average plasma: 350 watts
Average rear-projection: 211 watts
Average LCD: 222 watts

  • Microdisplay rear projector: 0.14 watt per square inch
  • LCD: 0.29 watt per square inch
  • Plasma: 0.35 watt per square inch

Other A/V gear:
PlayStation 3: 197 watts
Xbox360: 187 watts
Average PC: 78 watts
DirecTV HR20 DVR: 33 watts
Wii: 19 watts
Slingbox: 9 watts
Wireless router: 7 watts

Let me see, I use about 546 watts. How much are you destroying the environment by?