Wednesday, December 10, 2008 – Hudson Entertainment, the North American
publishing arm for HUDSON SOFT, today released new screens for Pool
Revolution: Cue Sports, a fun and accessible pool game that can be
played against friends in the living room or online, so players no
longer need to
worry about having enough space for a pool table!

Pool Revolution: Cue Sports features realistic controls where gamers
use the Wii Remote just like an actual cue. The strength of the shot
depends on how fast the player moves the remote. For those not quite
ready to use an “actual” pool cue, the strength of the shot can be set
by using the
buttons on the controller.

Players can choose from the most popular types of pool for up to four
players, including eight ball, nine ball, rotation, and snooker. An
in-game explanation will help provide descriptions of anything you
need to know! Once gamers get the hang of it, they can also try
performing trick
shots in Puzzle Mode. For players really up for a challenge, they can
even set up their own! And, for those who feel they are true pool
sharks, there is online play for up to four players in a NintendoR
Wi-Fi Connection matchup.

Pool Revolution: Cue Sports is rated E for Everyone by the
Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB).

Hudson PR