The latest Hyrule Warriors pack of downloadable content has gone live for players in Japan.

The Majora’s Mask Pack includes new characters, costumes and map:

  • Play as Tingle or Young Link
  • Dress up Sheik and Impa in Era of the Hero of Time Outfits, and outfit Lana with Skull Kid’s Clothes
  • Tackle Termina on a new Adventure map

This DLC  is due to hit the US shortly too – February 5 to be precise – and will set you back $7.99. You can also buy all four DLC packs for $19.99 – Majora’s Mask is the third pack to be released, with the Boss Pack due in March 2015.

Check out the trailer above to see what’s in store with this latest DLC. Are you looking forward to playing as Tingle?