1UP: I remember last year we spoke about how a lot of people assumed that Wii might be a natural fit for Castlevania in that you could do the whip motions and stuff like that, but you felt it might not be so good because that’s perhaps not really what Castlevania’s all about and that peoples’ arms might get tired. Do you still feel that way? And if so, basically, if you’re going to go with a more traditional style of gameplay, are you going to gravitate toward a more traditional style of console?

IGA: Whether or not we go the more traditional route on the PS3 or 360 is one of the top issues for us at the moment. As for a Wii version, I still think people would be exhausted if they had to swing it as a whip the entire time, but I am coming around to the idea — I like the concept in theory, but I’d just have to make sure it could be done without players getting all tired.

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