IGN Wii has a great preview of EA’s new rhythm game, Boogie.  They have tons of high-res screens than the ones we’ve seen today.  Here’s a snippet of their preview:

From what we could gather, Boogie appeared to be controlled by use of both the Wiimote and the Nunchuk. With the Wiimote, players could point at the screen and direct a pair of eyes around the dance floor. Doing this would cause the character’s upper body to contort in correlation to eyes’ movement. The Nunchuk, on the other hand, was used to manipulate the lower body of the character. Using these in conjunction could get the jovial little disco dancer to pull off all sorts of remarkable moves from the Hustle to the Melbourne Shuffle to the Turkish Twist.

Sounds like the game has cool control features!  And I’m glad it doesn’t have on screen guides like DDR.