We only had a chance to check out a few levels of the game in action, but already we’re digging the direction that Unleashed takes the Star Wars world.

The biggest difference between the versions are of course centered around the control, and after about a half hour with the game we’ll gladly state that Unleashed is fun to play, has dependable motion control, and is the most action-packed, pure combat games we’ve played on the system thus far. If you’re looking for a beat-em-up with lots of combos, special attacks, and never-ending battle, Unleashed will deliver.

In general the game was fast, action-packed, and a hell of a lot of fun to play. Your force meter refills just about as fast as you can use it, meaning that you can use nearly any power on any enemy back-to-back (though there’s still some strategy involved, of course), and it’s extremely fun to walk around huge levels with an infinite amount of force at your disposal.

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