Fatal Frame 4
– Controls are “retarded” – just as clunky as other versions if not worse
– No dual analog
– Doesn’t use pointer at all to look up and down
– Can’t use classic controller
– Nintendo-themed unlockable characters
– Movement is still slow
– Game itself is still spooky, Matt thinks he’ll still have fun with it
– Looks really nice graphically

Cursed Mountain
– Big development team
– About a brother who goes to Himalayas, you track him down
– Haven’t seen screens or movies
– Comes out next year

Rock Band Track Pack 1

– 20 new songs been previously made on the other systems – You technically save $10
– Standalone disc, boots on its own

– Blast Works price has been dropped

Boom Blox

– Actually selling pretty nicely – 450K
– Should be at half a million soon

Tetris Party

– Can play Tetris with the balance board

– Strong Bad looks fun, but Daemon was playing PC version
– Apparently the PC + Wii versions are identical

New International Track & Field
– Will kill your DS screen
– Can play traditional way
– The game is definitely good, but has limitations
– If the game was ported to WiiWare, Craig would score the game high
– Can play single-player while online

– Discussion about whether the crew will change the name of the podcast when WiiSpeak comes out

– Exactly like the PS2 game
– Daemon has fallen in love with it all over again
– Comes out next month

Wario Land: Shake It

– Craig argues that just because the game is 2D, it can still be in widescreen – all they did was crop it
– Still a great game
– Craig said there was only lag during shaking if you shake really fast
– Awesome, but technically limited

– More Conduit gameplay videos should be up soon
– de Blob, Naruto, exclusive on Moon, Metal Slug 7, Fatal Frame, Wario Land coverage this week

– Trackmania on DS looks fun, Craig wishes it was online

Reader questions

– Bozon hasn’t checked out Geometry Wars 2 yet. Daemon loves the co-op modes.
– Wii Fit is better than going to the Amazon for losing weight
– Hands on impressions for Call of Duty: World at War: PC + DS version first soon, then Wii a few weeks later
– When playing Shaun White Snowboarding, when you break your wrist, will she say, “Toasty?” No real response, the crew just jokes around
– Will we ever see Nunchuck Plus? Not really necessary, the nunchuck doesn’t have a port to plug anything in anyway
– Matt doesn’t think there will be a Nintendo Spaceworld event this year
– Favorite classic Mega Man Boss robot? Bozon likes Snakeman
– What’s happening with Lit? Functionally, things are coming along but Bozon doesn’t think it’s visually up to par yet – Will show it when they can
– Music in MadWorld demo: Matt thinks the song was original
– Call of Duty: World at War: Traditional split-screen co-op? The crew isn’t completely sure
– Matt likes Captain Rainbow
– Now that Nintendo has found a business model that works, why go back to hardcore? They’re not going to the hardcore right now, no reason for them to until casuals stop buying their games
– Disaster: Day of Crisis canned? Future not looking to bright, says Matt
– We’ll see screenshots + video probably towards the end of the year
– Negative criticism won’t make Nintendo change Wii Music
– Soma Bringer localization? Should be coming, showed up on ESRB listings
– Matt is pretty confident Fatal Frame will come to America
– There should be a show for hardcore games in the future, but Matt doesn’t know when + where
– Matt worried about Kid Icarus since Factor 5 said their next game would be casual? It concerns Matt, the original was very hardcore – Matt basically confirms Factor 5 is handling Kid Icarus
– When playing DS, Craig + Daemon use the built-in speakers instead of headphones usually
– Matt + Bozon both like Too Human – comes out this month
– Mushroom Men minimal press on IGN? Daemon says they’ve been giving it a lot of press, Craig says they’re limited as to what they can do – Will have an exclusive hands-on on Wednesday