– Matt catching up on Monster Lab, MySims Kingdom, Spyro, Celebrity Sports Showdown
– 3 weeks without a podcast, they did one last week but it failed, crashed, etc.
– Bozon’s been working on SmackDown vs. Raw, playing Call of Duty World at War reviews (should go up tomorrow)

Tales of Symphonia

– Daemon’s reviewing the game, says fans of the first game will like it
– Nothing new or original about it
– Bozon thinks it didn’t click like the first Tales game
– No overworld, just clicking around
– Slower combat
– Daemon enjoyed the combat, but it’s very linear
– Main character is winy, always complains

Quantum of Solace

– DS version is okay, Wii version not so much
– Controls aren’t great on the DS version
– Bad framerate issues on the Wii version, visuals aren’t even too impressive
– Has a bunch of technical issues on Wii
– Online mode is somewhat fun
– Not attacking the Wii version just for the fun of it
– Bozon wanted a cool Bond game with IR precision

Call of Duty World at War (multiplayer)

– 16 player max, like the 360 and PS3
– Missing some modes (headquarters, conquest, CTF), probably because they’re complex
– Bigger maps MIGHT be cut out
– Runs really smooth, Bozon was surprised
– Main game is really fun too, but not perfect
– Overall package is pretty decent

WiiWare games

– Yummy Yummy Cooking Jam has cartoon blood on it (ESRB rating)
– Both are $10

IGN’s most recent Nintendo Minute

– Denise danced around her answer a little bit
– Didn’t touch on relaunched 360 interface
– Sounds like Nintendo isn’t too worried
– Monday morning, Matt sends 5 questions and Denise can choose which question she wants to answer (She didn’t choose Fatal Frame 4 question)

Cursed Mountain

– Game has some potential, still early in some regard
– Trying to save your brother in the Himalayas, the mountain is cursed
– Kind of cool
– Matt likes the idea that you traverse a giant mountain
– Using the Wiimote in some interesting ways – ex: Find a walkie-talkie, sound comes out of the Wiimote speaker
– Game could go either way (still too early to tell)
– Not survival horror
– Bozon says more should be done with particles

Castlevania Judgment

– The newer version is much more complete, deeper, has come together a bit more visually
– Won’t be a bad game, but Matt still not convinced about 3D level design where you’re running all over the place
– Camera never locks onto the main character, a setter point instead – View can sometimes be blocked
– Wiimote waggle forced at times, classic controller supported
– Online mode, DS to Wii connectivity
– Better than Matt + Bozon thought it would be

Rayman Raving Rabbids TV Party

– Formula doesn’t feel fresh
– One hook is the balance board, other hook is the comedy factor
– Some graphics look pretty nice
– Interface not quite there
– There are probably doesn’t of games they haven’t put in this one that can be used in the next one
– Has some fun minigames

No More Heroes 2 publisher

– Apparently XSEED won’t be publishing the game
– News is based on some information that Matt received from a few sources
– Ubisoft
likely to pick it up
– Ubisoft wouldn’t comment
– Details previously discussed were reiterated (more complex overworld, darker game, etc.)


– Bummer that menus can’t run in English (Japanese DSi)
– Matt just started using it, likes the interface, changing games without turning off power, matte finish
– Camera pretty nice
– Doesn’t feel like the next big DS but Matt is happy to have it
– Bozon wants to see what will happen with the camera in games
– Size doesn’t seem too different
– A little bigger but a little thinner

– Daemon reviewed Robocalypse – 8.9, KORG DS-10 (Impressive but limited) – 7.1, Rock Revolution – 4.1
– Moon delayed, no special reason other than they need a little more time to finish the game
– Nintendo making an economical game for the DS. Supposed to teach people in a fun way how the economy works.
– More coverage on Blue Dragon, reviews this week

Bozon questions (didn’t have reader questions in front of them)

– Matt believes Nintendo is influencing the market. At the same time, Epic and other developers won’t change their ways and will cling to traditional values.
– Wii would have sold well with a $299 price tag and some HD capability, still might have been the market leader. Wii Sports motivated more people to buy the Wii, same goes with Wii Fit
– Wii is more like a DVD player in that people buy it, then look at the back catalogue
– Pack-ins add value to the box (Ex: Mario Kart with Wii Wheel)
– Gamers expect certain things from Nintendo – Good share of Nintendo games where it feels like nothing has changed