Guitar Hero vs. Rock Band

– Craig was impressed with Rock Band 2, but they don’t have the instruments yet
– Tried using Guitar Hero controllers and they worked
– Feature-wise identical to PS3/360 games
– Visually isn’t bad, it’s lower-res. Looks better than the PS2 version.
– Rock Band 2 review coming on Wednesday
– Everything on PS3/360 will eventually be available on Wii (DLC)
– Bozon says World Tour star power isn’t very well-done in Guitar Hero
– Actual gameplay in Rock Band is better than World Tour
– Track selection also better in Rock Band 2
– Daemon loves that you can play through Rock Band 2 solo, or bring in friends
– Overall the IGN team is very impressed with Rock Band 2

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fighter

– Bozon’s really interested in the game
– Bozon will probably end up reviewing it
– Members of the Smash Bros. team and Ex Team-Ninja
– Darker look to the game – more edgy/aged up
– 4-player Smash style game
– No single-player like Subspace Emissary, it will be something else (might just be staged based)
– Can use different controller options
– Sounds like a cool project
– Going to try to have better online than Brawl

NERF N-Strike

– It’s aimed at kids, but it comes with a gun
– Gun is very cool according to Craig
– You can buy the gun separately
– Game itself is generic, arcadey
– Opens up as crappy Area 51 clone
– Uses flash animation for intro, etc.
– Still worked really well
– If you’re older than 14, just buy the gun
– Has a cool Boom Blox inspired level
– $60 price tag – gun is $20

Strong Bad Episode 5

– Daemon likes the game
– A lot of Homestar fan service
– Haven’t made any announcements about more games, probably depends on sales numbers
– Daemon recommends combining all the games into a retail release

GTA: Chinatown Wars

– Release date announced
– March 17, 2009
– Looks like they’re releasing the game on the very last day of Winter


– Satoru Iwata said he would like to see it be used more for business
– Iwata gave businesses instead of PC terminals as an example
– Craig has heard rumors that the SD card will have similar problems as Wii SD card situation

Speed Racer

– It was in Matt’s backlog
– Came out May 6
– Game is good apparently
– Matt thought it felt like F-Zero

– Matt also liked Clone Wars on the DS

Prince of Persia: The Fallen King

– 6.8
– Thought it was kind of “meh”
– Touch screen control was unnecessary
– Character design is terrible

Dragon Ball: Origins

– It’s fun, a lot like Phantom Hourglass
– Hilarious
– Definitely earns the T rating
– Have D-pad control if you want
– Should pick it up if you’re a Dragon Ball fan
– Visuals are pretty good


– Bozon likes the game
– Super deep (some characters get older as the game progresses, etc)
– Random battles – Craig is turned off
– Craig can only tolerate random battles in Pokemon
– Set for March as of now
– Bozon says the game will give FFIV a run for its money

Reader questions

– DS capture box is how IGN gets the DS on TV (can’t buy it)
– IGN Nintendo team tries to judge kid games fairly (Would a kid like this?, etc)
– Holiday wishes: Craig always brings home casual games for his mother, Bozon is excited he’s going to get House of the Dead: Overkill this week, hopes he brings his 360 home (safely). Daemon wants to play the big games from this year.