In this episode it seems like IGN takes a few hits at the people of neogaf. You can see it through out the summary and this statement that Bozan says at the beginning of the summary.

“We can do without the Neogaf Summary Guys”

Honestly IGN everyone respects you but no one wants to listen to you guys talk for about 40 minutes. All what people really want to know is the info you guys give. IGN has such a foot in to door with the industry, they have a good idea of what going on, and people respect that. Don’t go down on people just because they don’t want to listen do you, just be thankful for what you do have. One reason I don’t wright a rant about every single post I make is that people don’t always want to hear or read a  rant, they just want the info. Sorry that’s my rant for the day.

December NPD:
-DeBlob sold 250,000
-Shaun White 450,000

Indy Trailer Wii:
-Broke on Youtube
-The Wii and DS games have been finished for a while according to Matt’s Editor

TMNT Smash Up:

-“Saw some people on the Gaf thread bitching about it”

-Matt grew a beard to cover up for his Holiday weight gain
-Lost ten pounds in post holiday weight on the Wiifit plan

-2 Years ago, 12 guys 6 weeks.
-About it showing it without having a publisher … “It worked for Conduit”
-“People who said it looks like a PSX game are idiots”
-10,000 signatures for one of the petitions, many fans sites picked up the story
-Matt, Guys from N-Space haven’t been overwhelmed with publishers like High Voltage was after the unveil. Hasn’t spoken to the N-Space guys in days.
-The N-Space guys says the Winter demo allowed them to get other products
-Bozon, like at WayForward the Shantae demo allowed them to get other projects.
-Bozon believes Scribblenauts will find a publisher since, like Conduit, it will be finished regardless

House of the Dead Overkill:

-Recently played Train level and Swamp level
-Overkill train level is better than RE:UC in Bozon’s opinion
-Frame rate issues in the game currently
-Camera Issue
-7 Chapters, has a director cut that is different after you beat it.
-Matt thinks the F word is a little over done.

-Media blowout starting around February 10th, new story every day until release[ IGN EXCLUSIVE!!! ] -Including 2-3 minute direct feed snippits of levels!
-Sega and Platinum Games guys excited to be doing this, IGN excited because Madworld article brings clicks
-Likely for ign insiders, but Matt says if you have Reader questions for Madworld guy interview to post ‘em

-Is it bad? ~ Its not bad *giggle*
-The Dev’s did some control decisions IGN didn’t understand
-They say its “fun” but their tone says otherwise.

-They talk about it, but based only on some Japanese guys 30 second videos

Dragon Quest 5:
-Like DQ4, Story is changed a little here and there

The World Ends With You:
-The guys want to do a sequel
-They said if they do a Wii sequel they would have to do a lot of things differently

Choice info from Reader Questions and Answers:

-One publisher said its using the sales of DeBlob and Deadly Creatures as parameters towards what they will do on the Wii in the Future (THQ ??)

-HOTD:Overkill, Conduit and Madworld sales are both being watched closely by publishers not just Sega.

-They talk for a few minutes about IGN reviews GTA4 and MGS4’s 10’s start the debate

-They think Wii Sports Resort will be the years best selling game and sell like WiiPlay

-They blame the virtual console lack of support on NoA, no factual information just opinion.

-SD card fix will be coming at the end of March, no details available yet but that’s the target date IGN were told.

-Gas Powered Games “God Game”?? They wanted to bring it to Wii, pitched to THQ but have no idea what ever happened. Bozon slips in a little mention that they know of more dark games coming

-They love the Pikmin Wiimake controls and are excited for the Prime WiiMakes made by Retro

-The 3 guys who left Retro were replaced from within. Tim Little from Midway (CTO) has joined Retro.

-New Retro Project ~ “its coming along, its going to be rad, its epic” Matt

-Matt, “we’ve seen a lot of people being pulled off PS3 projects and putting on Wii projects, but its not the Wii projects you’ll want, A major PS3 project was pulled for a mini-game fest”. Its why Conduit and Madworld sales are so important.

-Matt confirms more dark games, you’ll see them as early as April

-Matt claims Major IP’s from big publishers, says to check out his top 10 games of the year to do detective work

-Bozon on Conduit, their tech is better than their artists

-The EXCITE Truck developer is working on a new Wii game, no idea wat it could be.