Wii Fit
– Best Buy: Wii Fit stands completely sold out
– GameStop: Same story
– Been on BBC news, MTV, Good Morning show, Ellen
– Matt believes that long term, Wii Fit will be huge – not sure if it can sell as much as GTAIV
– Amazon, retailers in general sold out
– Matt has Wii calisis on his palms

Emergency Heroes
– Straightforward racing game, semi-open world
– Decent physics system, good speed and controls
– Framerate jumps sometimes
– Voice-overs are awful
– Overall seems decent

Dr. Mario Online Rx
– Online mode is fun, but only two player
– Virus buster is great – use Wii pointer to grab pills, set up combo for other friend – not online
– Must-get WiiWare title

Wii hard drive rant
– Matt & Bozon complain a lot about storage problem
– Even if Nintendo doesn’t want to support SD cards, there are two USB ports for a hard drive
– Matt doesn’t know if there’s a solution coming
– Devs been saying that there’s no signs of hard drive in the future, has Matt disturbed
– Even nongamers are getting sick of storage situation
– In 6-7 months, even if someone doesn’t buy too many games, they’ll fill up their space

Reader questions
– In the future, third parties putting their top teams on Wii depends on sales, money. Will see more party games because they sell well.
– More internal support from Nintendo will be coming – Nintendo registered ASH (ESRB)
– Bozon will continue his WiiGetFit blog/experiment
– Matt & Bozon know nothing about Nintendo news at E3. 99% sure we’ll see Wii Music, Animal Crossing in some form, Kid Icarus, ASH, Super Mario Sluggers, maybe Disaster and Pikmin. Need to show off balance board title.
– Even with Guitar Hero downloadable content, Matt doesn’t think we’ll see a hard drive solution
– Timesplitters 4, if it’s a next-gen game, Wii will get a seperate game
– Matt thinks Sky Crawlers will come to US
– Beyond Good and Evil 2 – rumors it’s coming to Wii, nothing to confirm
– Mom’s whining about Wii Fit calling them fat: Will linger a bit
– No More Heroes sold “OK.” Not exceptional, but better than Japan. Don’t expect a sequel anytime soon.
– Madden 09 will probably have better graphics than on original Xbox. Models look great, fresh animation. Haven’t seen it face-to-face yet.
– Wii software situation is iffy: Do software sales include Wii Play? Also, Nintendo has a majority of the software sales.
– Ability to send free demos to friends is a good idea (Dr. Mario). Closest thing to a demo.
– Achievements should appear in more Wii games. Big deal for Bozon.
– Matt thinks we’ll see Wii Music this year
– The Conduit is a great offering for Wii owners – good controls (in theory), not a wartime shooter
– MadWorld wasn’t the game that was discussed in a previous podcast that was set for 2009
– Matt can’t talk about Capcom rumors
– World Ends With You team may create something for the Wii – Square Enix in general will be supporting the system
– Matt hasn’t seen footage of the Factor 5 game
– Confirmation of The Conduit multiplayer – Deathmatch teaser was referring to online component, multiplayer deathmatch. Devs. of The Conduit have been contacted by many publishers, but are taking their time so they can make the game they want to make. “Yes, we are planning on online multiplayer. We don’t yet know how many simultaneous players we’ll be able to support. The other thing folks seem to have a lot questions on the forums front is the lack of a publisher. For what it’s worth, we have no shortages of options now both large and small but we are taking our time. We have our own funding to entirely complete the game and it’s not that we don’t play well with others, we just want to be far enough along that someone doesn’t come along and monkey the whole thing up. We’ve worked on enough licensed titles that had the potential to be good but an arm-chaired quarterback came in and mandated a very bad direction. The further along we are, the less likely that is to happen. We really want The Conduit to be something special for the Wii and for us, you know?”
– Gyrostar release date: “Gyrostar is sitting in Nintendo’s hands and if I had to guess, I’d say June 16th. But if folks pester Nintendo, maybe they’ll be motivated to push it out sooner?”
– Matt wants to play more Boom Blox, complete No More Heroes, GTAIV, Bioshock, Uncharted. Bozon wants to play more SSX Blur, Godfather, Scarface, Ace Combat.
– Quantum 3 engine could be licensed to other developers.
– Mario Kart Wii has given hope for future online titles.
– Pre-E3 new game announcements happening now. Won’t hear about Nintendo until E3.
– Won’t get Prince of Persia caliber from Ubisoft, but will get some intriguing games. Red Steel 2 still in development.
– Guitar Hero On Tour: Hands on demo coming soon
– Nintendogs 2 will probably happen, possibly on Wii
– Monkey King – Bozon will review it in the near future
– Megaman 9 or Megaman Battle Network? Megaman 9
– Would like to see something based on Shadow of Colossus on Wii