• Pre E3 events happened this week. Good things on the way for E3
  • Project H.A.M.M.E.R. rumor still a rumor. Casamassina says that another company working on a more traditional title to make it more mainstream
  • Harry Potter overall very good. Few minor control and cutscene quirks
  • Wii-k in review crew pushing for people to buy Zack and Wiki. High praise for the game. It may be the most difficult title on the Wii so far. They are asking Capcom to make downloadable levels
  • The Bigs is fun but has issues. A little bit of lag, and sometimes the Wiimote is over-sensitive
  • Matt talks about Halo DS and says “nay sayers are about to be owned next week or so”.
  • More info soon on titles we know of and brand new titles. New titles looking great, Matt hopes to unveil something next week
  • If you like Godfather you will like Scarface