The latest highlights from IGN’s wii’k in review podcast are now here for your viewing pleasure:

  • Matt believes that Take Two is going to strongly appeal the Adults Only rating the ESRB has given it, but this will results in a major delay if it loses;
  • An online multiplayer mode is currently being hinted for inclusion in Godzilla: Unleashed;
  • The last GameCube title to be unveiled, Kirby’s Adventure, will finally be shown on Wii at this year’s E3 next month;
  • They already know about some unannounced games from Nintendo that will be revealed at E3;
  • They’ve seen quite a few unannounced EA Wii Games at pre-E3 events;
  • THQ will soon be lifting the lid on some new mature content, deviating from its usual approach to Nintendo formats;
  • Craig has an interview with Bioware about the Sonic DS RPG coming up next week.