Thanks Milabrega for the summary:

Guitar Hero DS:
-The guitar Grip in GBA slot. You can strum on screen with stylus or the guitar Pick that comes with the game.
-Works with the DS and DSLite. Will support DS through an adaptor.
-Likely need headphones to get the most out of the music, though it should still be good
-Wireless Multiplayer.
-Star Power Moves that affect your opponent. Like the stage catches fire and you have to blow into the DS, or a fan shows up and you have to sign her shirt.

Hulk Wii:
-Screens, “Shit”

Lost Winds:
-43 MB limit on WiiWare Games
-Look a little slow
-Kirby Canvas style
Day 1 Wii games, Day 2 WiiWare, Embargo up Monday (Media Summit)

Deadly Creatures:
-You play the Scorpion and Spider.
-Something happens in the world of man and your drawn to a desert gas station.
-Scorpion is the Tank, Spider is stealthy, at times they cross paths and have to fight each other.
-Some Waggle movements feel tacked on
-They like the organic look and the level design
-The Freshness of the play style makes it enjoyable
-Halloween release

De Blob:
-Starting to use more IR
-Music is much better now than the elevator music it used to have
-Jet Set Radio Meets Mercury Meltdown with some platforming.
-Not really using Wii-mote, really focusing on traditional controls.
-Frame rate is ALL over the place
-No word, screens on the announced DS version

Okami :
-Deserved its 2006 GOTY
-Wii-mote works really good
-The Water Spray move was much better with the analog controller. If you get up to the puzzles that require that move, make smaller motions
-Paper Filter is there, not as pronounced but still there
-50 hour game. They still highly recommend it, especially for Zelda fans
-They had to go through old computers from the Clover Studio assets to find file info’s

Rondo Swords:
-Turned based Grid RPG DS
-Same old Atlus RPG assets

-Been in the works for a very long time, DS, Beck-Bone developed, Eidos Published
-Not an arcade port, but they are taking the same idea.
-3d on both screens, over head. 2d characters.
-Online multiplayer with voice over IP.
-Craig does not like the character looks at all.
-June release day

Trauma Center 2:
-fixed some of the issues from the first one (which was a launch game)
-no word about multiplayer
-July release

Fantasy All-StarMLB DS:
-6 Minutes about how much crap this game is and how badly they dropped the ball
-They name every other DS game that has and is coming out that is better

Wii Love Golf:
-Still is the best Golf game on Wii
-It is not perfect, it takes some time to understand the mechanics
-NOT a pickup and play game at all
-Hook and Slice are great
-Full online with Mii’s
-18 course Mini Golf

Wall *E*:
-It was ported from 360 version, Looks really good

-Not terribly long or difficult
-Child game
-Random Battles

Lock’s Quest:
-Creators of Drawn to Life
-Single player RTS
-Rep said it has wifi, but the wording wasn’t clear so they don’t know if theres online or multiplayer at all
-Bozon really liked the single player

Reader’s Questions:
Q:Expectations of the Media Summit?
A: WiiWare Focus. One really cool WiiWare announcement coming. Most stuff Embargo’d until Monday. Mostly be stuff they know, but may be one or two games that haven’t been announced shown
Q:Mario Platforming fans going like the De Blob?
A: Not comparable to Mario at all. Bozon once again relates it to Jet Set Radio.
Q:Okami Brushing speed?
A: Way quicker on the Wii. You almost don’t need the overlay that freezes the world to draw.
Q: Deadly Creatures Finishing moves like No More Heroes finishers where you can really do any motion to get it to work?
A: Not so much, finishers vary more often than in No More Heroes and Motion is more important.
Q: Any chance on DS only podcast?
A: No, Sony guys don’t do PSP only
Q: Camelot’s next project?
A: Golden Sun or Tennis. Camelot said Tennis may be coming soon.
Q: Matt you speak to Perrin still?
A: Ya, she’s touring the world. Was at GDC shopping around for a job.
Q:Top Spin 3?
A: Announced, no knowledge on the game. DS version info coming soon.
Q: Silicon Knights Psychological Wii?
A: They have no idea what it is. Could be Eternal Darkness but they really don’t know.
A: Been in talks via email. Want to meet soonish.
Q: Sonic Unleashed?
A: Bad news that it is coming to Wii. Sonic Team that did Nights that were in San Fran is now back in Japan. Its bad news because now it likely means we won’t be getting a Wii specific Sonic game.
Q:Sin and Punishment or Wave Race Wii rumors?
A: Heard nothing, really hope both show up one day on the Wii. Treasure is working on two Wii projects.
Q: What franchise would you like to see Retro get its hands on?
A: Zelda, Darker. Icarus if there wasn’t already another Icarus coming.
Q: Do you think another Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Smash during the Wii gen?
A: Mario yes, Zelda yes, Metroid in some measure and Smash no.